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 123JS is introducing a new segment "#123JSfeatureoftheweek" whereby we will conduct an interview to know more about our startup members. The objective of this segment is to enable our readers to have a better understanding of the guys/ladies behind a kickass startup. Following our interviews with PlayPal and StaffOnDemand, here's another one with Rena from Fashory!

About Fashory

Photo courtesy of Fashory

Fashory is the transparent app that removes the daily hassle of "what should I wear today" for contemporary women by providing them with the perfect outfit for every occasion in their lives. Fashory gets women the look they like, helping them to dress well and feel great in every aspects of life.

Available on App Store. Coming soon to Google Play Store in 2016

The Interview

123JS: How did this idea come about?
Rena: Experiencing the problem first hand, we really want to come up with an easy solution that really tackles the problem. The solutions out there are just not straightforward nor effective in solving our problem, that’s when we decide that we should come up with our own solution where we started conceptualising and funding ourselves from our full time job.

123JS: Who are the brains behind Fashory and how did you girls get together? What were you girls doing before venturing into Fashory?
Rena: Fashory is made up of 3 female co-founders who have been working together on a startup and various development projects for clients (OCBC, Fuji Xerox & Canon) for the past 5 years.  Unlike most startups that consist of fresh graduates, each individual in Fashory have had relevant experience working with MNCs and are sought after by top companies for their expertise.

On top of having the relevant experience, the team also has a strong passion for building products that delights their passionate community, thus, they have come together once again to devise a technological solution to disrupt traditional fashion industry.

Emmy Teo - With 6+ years in digital marketing & product management, Emmy is in charge of business development within the team. She has previously worked in NHN (Naver & LINE), Red5 Studios and CNBC Asia. She has also successfully launched 3 apps in Thailand and obtained top 5 apps for games in the regional AppStore.

Rena Koh - My 5+ years in digital marketing & PR puts me in charge of the relevant activities for Fashory. Prior to Fashory, I've worked in Samsung and Waggener Edstrom to launch apps and marketing campaigns in the regional markets for her clients. On top of that, I've garnered experience in managing regional communities for various verticals, including technology, automotive and beauty.

Faith Teo - Faith has been working on product design & development for over 5 years. She is now in charged of product & technology in Fashory. Having worked with Volkswagen, Sony & Somerset 313, she is known to delight her clients with her outstanding design & development skills. Faith has produced and launched 3 apps to date.

(L-R: Faith, Rena, Emmy)/Photo courtesy of Fashory
123JS: What are the perks and challenges of an all-girls startup team?
Rena: The perks are getting attention and help quite easily. It is relatively easy to seek help if you ask and people are generally more willing to help. However, that comes with various downsides as well - people take you less seriously, you have to pitch harder to convince you are as strong as the male startups.

123JS: What's the toughest moment or most demoralizing setback while running Fashory and how did your team overcome it?
Rena: I think the most demoralising setback is when we come to a realization that without a viable revenue model, it is very hard for us to raise further funding. For sure we won’t be able to sustain ourselves because of the lack of a revenue model.

We listed down a few viable revenue models and were desperately trying to figure out the pros and cons. We couldn’t make a decision fast enough initially because we were very caught up with day to day operations. In the end, we decided that enough is enough and told ourselves we’ll work on a revenue model despite the obvious challenges. (Every revenue model has it’s pros and cons.)

123JS: Do you girls have any funny & interesting incident(s) to share with our readers?
Rena: We’ve recently graduated from SPH Plug & Play acceleration program and had really put the 3 months with the program into very good use. The interesting thing was that we've never expected to get in - the selection pitch day was extremely tough. The judges were very critical and straight to the point when they see the loopholes in the business. However, the very judge that gave us the toughest question became a beloved mentor of ours now. This tell us, be positive, give your best and never give up - anything could happen.

Team Fashory at SPH Plug & Play's Demo Day 

123JS: What’s your greatest takeway from running Fashory so far?
Rena: “To never give up” is an understatement. I think the biggest take away is that the journey and experience shape us, not the “success” of the startup. Also, it is important to stay grounded and understand the problem that you are trying to solve.

123JSWe understand that Fashory has expansion plans in the pipeline. Our readers are interested to know more, please share with us!
Rena: We've unveiled our new app which is available on Apple App Store now. It will be coming to Android users soon in 2016. Also, we are working on expansion plans to enter Jakarta & Bangkok markets next year.

(Photo courtesy of Fashory)
Editor's Note: Fashory was recently featured on both Elle Magazine and Nuyou Magazine. Do check out the respective featured article here and here

(Screenshots grabbed from Fashory's new app/Photo courtesy of Fashory)

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