Twelve start-ups with online services in various areas like property and deals to energy consumption and jobs had a successful showing at StartUp Alley @ SITEX 2015 which was held between November 26 and 29 at Singapore Expo.

This was the first time local startups had participated at the annual SITEX expo. 123JumpStart, SiTF’s start-up unit, organised this special expo.

(Lighting balloon which played a big part in directing crowds to the StartUp Alley)

This showcase was a hit with the local media as they turned up to interview the start-ups on Nov 26. Among the start-ups who were covered was SnappyHouse who snagged an interview with Channel 8.

(Media tour on 26th Nov morning)
(Bryan from INTRAIX  [first from right] giving an introduction)
(Apple from PRESSIE [in green] exchanging business card with a media representative)

Even though the start-ups had not taken part in a big expo before, they were still able to cope with the crowd who streamed in after the expo officially opened at 11am.

(Keevin  from SnappyHouse [second from left] introducing his website to visitor)

Later in the noon, interactive broadcasting company Rings TV visited StartUp Alley to provide live streaming of activities at the StartUp Alley. The 12 startups pitched their products and solutions on Rings TV. SiTF lead for 123JumpStart, Jie Lun introduced the start-ups on Rings TV by providing a brief introduction on each one. Rings TV reporter, Isabel also interviewed each start-up. Click here to view the recording of that live streaming recorded on 26th Nov.

(Cai Li from AirFrov [second from right] getting interviewed by Rings TV)

To create excitement, a sure-win lucky draw was held for visitors who visited at least 6 startup booths. This was to ensure that the start-ups did attract expo visitors to their booths. On their own, the start-ups were cooperative, encouraging visitors to visit other start-ups. Thumbs up for their cooperation.

(Shi Hui [123JS Marketing] guiding a visitor [first from left] on the lucky draw rules)

Expo attendees who visited  all the 12 start-ups were entitled to a grand lucky draw with winners taking home different types of vouchers from food delivery services to snack boxes and an electricity monitoring system for homes . Check out our Facebook page to find out who were the winners.

The startups also thought of ideas to ensure they had visitors. Temploy for example, had their bullseye board for visitors to play with while others gave out free drinks, candies, instant polaroid photos and vouchers.

(A female visitor playing with Temploy's self-made bullseye game)

(Denniz from PanelPlace [first from right] with 2 engrossed visitors)
(Crowded StartUp Alley on Saturday afternoon)

Another significant benefit from this event is the interest in SiTF's membership. Investors and entrepreneurs expressed their interest in joining and given SiTF their business cards. SiTF staff will be contacting them soon on joining the organisation.  For those who are interested but did not leave their business card with SiTF, please write to us at

For SiTF, StartUp Alley was a success. The participating startups achieved their objectives and obtained new customers.

 (Booth 1: Team Fynd)
 (Booth 2: Team AirFrov)
 (Booth 3: PanelPlace)
(Booth 4: Team SnappyHouse)
 (Booth 5: Team FOMO Digital)
 (Booth 6: Team Intraix)
 (Booth 7: Team Pressie)
 (Booth 8: Team Anymap)
 (Booth 9: Team Stretch)
 (Booth 10: Team Poket)
 (Booth 11: Team ShopBack)
 (Booth 12: Team Temploy)

123JumpStart thank all sponsors for supporting StartUp Alley @ SITEX 2015.

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This post is brought to you by 123JumpStart - an initiative by SiTF.

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